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Will We Smoke Our Drugs in the Future?

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Ah... A great day, to be sure.

First, a quick jog to get the blood pumping, then off to meet the gals for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast and chat. You've been anxious to try out the new southwestern style diner that opened a few months ago. You know, break out of the routine, spice it up a little. After all, who can eat oatmeal every morning without beginning to develop something of an attitude?

You pull into the diner's parking lot and find a spot. This is where it gets hard. You look around, considering getting out of the car, but your heart starts to race, the beads of sweat pop out on your forehead and dash across your face and your stomach jumps aboard its internal trampoline. Great - another panic attack in full swing! Your trembling hands fidget with your purse, you find a small pill and pop it in your mouth. Then, you wait...

If only there were a faster way to get relief.

If Alexza Pharmaceuticals is successful, there may indeed be a faster way to find relief from both panic and pain. The drug maker is developing a smokeable delivery system that may allow patients to reap the benefit of super fast acting medications. The first drug in their pipeline is intended for use by migraine headache sufferers, but many more applications appear to be feasible.

Alexza's Staccato(tm) System, utilizing a thermal aerosol technology, vaporizes medications and allows them to be inhaled. This mechanism of delivery results in rapid systemic absorption of the medications and peak plasma levels within minutes. The result is quicker relief, whether the problem is pain, headache or panic.

The Staccato(tm) System is a small inhaler device that houses a heating component coated with medication, a battery and a circuit board. When activated, the medication is rapidly heated, vaporized and inhaled. Alexza is developing both single dose and multi-dose devices.

Clinical trials are under way and the rapid-delivery mechanisms may reach the U.S. market in 3-5 years.

Imagine the difference this quick delivery system would make. The parking-lot-panic would play out significantly faster. At the first signs of panic, a simple puff would set you back on your feet. You'd be off to test the spicy southwestern breakfast everyone has been raving about. Then, after a fabulous breakfast, all you'd need is some equally fast-acting heartburn relief...

To read more about the Staccato(tm) System, see this from Alexza Pharmaceuticals.


Blogger sylvia c. said...


This is an absolutely wonderful article!

I love your comment about “an attitude towards oatmeal." Too true! LOL

I only hope that fast acting stuff can get to the market a little quicker than 3-5 years:
Fast acting migraine relief?
Sounds like a dream...
Count me in!

Sylvia C.

3:19 PM  

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