Sunday, June 03, 2007

Treadmill Desk Promotes Weight Loss

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The "Life is a treadmill" crowd just found a new champion.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic - yes, the world-renowned research and treatment center - have devised a new way to shed pounds. No, it does not involve going outside to exercise, dieting or various forms of oriental arts. They simply want you to go to work and step up to your desk. But, here's where it gets tricky...

They have devised a desk that incorporates a treadmill - seems fitting, doesn't it? - into your everyday routine. So, you "Walk as You Work."

Here's the deal - they studied 15 subjects as they worked on the "Vertical Workstations." The subjects burned an additional 100 calories per hour when strolling through their work at a leisurely one-mile-per-hour pace. (At a rate of two-miles-per-hour the subjects simply cascaded off the device, and fell to the floor where, exhausted, they napped until the end of the workday.)

The device costs about $1,600 and researchers believe it holds the potential to reverse obesity. The questions of increased hunger, leading to excessive snack binging, have yet to be addressed...

To read more about the study, see this from Reuters. To read more about the Treadmill Desk, see this from Treadmill Desk. To read more about health and diet tips, see this from WebMD.


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Jay Buster
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Thanks for stopping by.

I just visited your site - very nice! I really enjoyed the videos you posted showing people actually using the Treadmill Desk.

Have a great day,


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