Sunday, August 12, 2007

Delicious and Nutritious - Whole, Healthy Foods

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Is your idea of health food a double cheeseburger with onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard - hold the mayo? If so, listen up.

While the "hold the mayo" is a laudable start, you've still got a bit of work to do in the healthy eating segment of your life. Yes, of course - you're busy, and the kids, the cat and the neighbors are absolutely no help. Still...

Americans spend over $140 billion each year on fast food. That may, however, be the least costly part of the equation. As our eating habits have devolved over the past few decades, so has our health. Record numbers of Americans are suffering from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic illness. Countries around the globe with strong, emerging economies are sadly following in our unhealthy footsteps.

How do we break the fast food chain? Well, you can start by checking out to find a pantry full of great ideas on cooking with whole, healthy foods. This dynamic site takes the mystery out of "the world's healthiest" foods - those having the highest nutrient to calorie ratio. Take two minutes and let their Food Advisor software recommend a personalized eating plan.

Tired of Egg McMuffins? Try a healthy breakfast frittata or a toasted whole-wheat breakfast bagel with tomato, arugula, garlic and poached eggs. In depth nutritional analyses, menus, essential nutrient and organic food primers, and seasonal eating tips round out this fabulous site. Hungry? Stop on by for a healthy mid-afternoon snack idea.

You can do this - it's really not an insurmountable step from "hold the mayo" to "gimme some real food."

To read more about eating whole, healthy foods, see the site the world's healthiest foods. To read more about the pervasive nature of fast foods, see this from Wikipedia.


Blogger Sylvia C. said...


Great post!
I love the "motivational slant!"

I can't wait to check out that site!

Sylvia C.

2:56 PM  
Blogger tim said...

Sylvia C:

I think you'll enjoy the site. Try out the Food Advisor software - it's pretty cool.

OK - go grab some greens...

Have a great day,


3:07 PM  

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