Monday, January 28, 2008

Presidential Politics Shapes Health Care Future

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Psst... Who're you voting for in the presidential race this year? Are you a tax and spend liberal looking to vote for Clinton, Edwards, or Obama? Or, are you a god and guns conservative, weighing the likes of Huckabee, McCain, and Romney? Or...

Are you an everyday American considering a wide range of issues that will shape our future? If so, good for you - and, good for us.

What are the hot button issues this time around? Well, flip on the television and take your pick. Controversy abounds on both sides of the race. But, there are also some issues that find broad support among both Democrat and Republican voters. A prime example is health care. While the approaches are different, both parties agree a fix is no longer optional.

A survey by The Commonwealth Fund underscores voters' interest. They found 81% of Americans believe employers should either provide or contribute to the cost of health insurance. Close to 70% believe the overall costs should be shared by individuals, employers and the government.

The proposed plans vary more across party lines than within. For example:

-No Republican candidates favor a mandate requiring individuals to have health insurance, but several Democratic candidates favor some type of mandate.

-Democratic candidates propose strengthening the role of the employer in the process, while Republican candidates favor strengthening the role of the private insurance sector.

"For too long Americans have paid top dollar for a health care system that doesn't give them access to the high quality health care they deserve," said Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis. "By enacting the right reforms in the right way, we can ensure that all Americans can benefit from receiving the care they need to stay healthy, cure acute conditions, and keep chronic health problems well-controlled."

So, which candidate will get your nod this year?

Well, do a little research on the issues, like an everyday American, and then vote for the candidate you believe will take us there. Where's that? Oh, yes - a healthy and robust future shared by all of us everyday Americans.

To read more about the survey, see this from ScienceDaily. To read the complete report, see this from The Commonwealth Fund - this site also provides access to a fabulous interactive tool that allows you to compare the health care proposals of the presidential candidates.


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