Monday, December 15, 2008

Television Might Really Not be Good for Kids

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Maybe We Should Rethink This...

In what could be considered the least surprising scientific research to hit the airwaves in recent months, researchers find that excessive television might not be healthy for kids. Strike that-the airwaves reference is totally inappropriate, particularly since the findings were announced in a written format. A format, it seems, which may indeed be more suitable to raising healthy, well-adjusted children.

The researchers, from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Yale University and the California Pacific Medical Center, analyzed over 170 studies completed since 1980. It's one of the most comprehensive looks at the impact of the media on the health, and the behavior, of children.

The results of the study are striking. Three out of four studies found watching more television (some studies also assessed film, video games and computer use) resulted in poorer health. They also found children who watched more television were more likely to be obese - and to be a cigarette smoker, and to start having sex at a younger age...

Even toddlers suffer negative outcomes, with three-year-olds watching more than eight hours of television per week more likely to be obese by the age of seven.

So, what's the good news?

Well, the best news is that the remote control is a dual function device-it has both an on and an off capability. So, take that radical step, and click the television remote to the off position. Then pray for wisdom. The silence may be deafening, but your kids are worth the effort. And, after a bit of turmoil, even the kids will begin to see there's more to be had from life than observing it from afar.

Stay posted-rumor has it a team of researchers will soon announce that broccoli (!) is good for you...

To read more about the study, see this from Reuters. To learn more about helping your kids lead a healthy lifestyle, see this from Australia's


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