Monday, April 20, 2009

Can Coffee and Tea Conquer Cancer?

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Yeah, It's Good For You...

If you stumble out of bed each morning, your mind a completely blank slate, all of your energies focused on that first sip of a deep, rich cup of coffee, you actually may have much to celebrate. At least, that is, if you happen to have a uterus. Sorry guys -- this good news only applies to the gals.

Researchers reported recently that coffee and tea drinkers have a lower risk of uterine cancer. The specific cancer is endometrial cancer, a cancer of the lining of the uterus. The study involved close to 1,100 women, some of whom drank tea and coffee and some who were teetotalers.

The results speak quite highly of multitasking -- or possibly that's multi-drinking. Those women who drank both tea and coffee had the lowest risk of uterine cancer. The risk was 50% lower than for women who drank neither tea nor coffee. Women who drank only tea, but not coffee, showed a 44% reduction in risk. Coffee drinkers also showed a reduction in risk, though not nearly as significant -- 29%.

The researchers also pointed out that decaf tea and coffee showed no effect in lowering the risk of cancer. There appear to be enzymes in caffeine that have a protective effect on the body.

So, it seems your morning stumble to the coffee pot is actually quite healthy -- as long as you don't break a toe along the way.

To read more about this study, see this from Reuters. To see a timeline of the development of coffee, see this from Koffee History.


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