Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pesky Mosquitoes? Try Offering Them Dessert.

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Mosquitoes apparently love their treats as much as we humans. An ingenious study at Jerusalem's Hebrew University indicates we may be able to turn the table on the tiny troublemakers by being ever-so-sweet. Sweet as sugar.

Two scientists sprayed a pesticide-laced sugar solution on flowers to which mosquitoes are naturally attracted. The nectars of flowers and leaves provide a rich energy source for the naturally hyperactive pests. The ploy worked so well that virtually the entire mosquito population was wiped out within the study area. Sweet!

So, next time you're being bothered by a bastion of buzzing biters, resist the urge to bite back. Take a deep breath, stay focused. Then, in a calm and quiet voice, ask, "Care for dessert?"

For mosquito tips, see the EPA's Mosquito Control.


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