Friday, November 03, 2006

Is Hemorrhoid Stapling the Bottom Line?

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Millions of men are wincing as two words that should never be used in the same sentence, hemorrhoids and stapling, are finding a new acceptance in medical circles. Touted as being less painful than standard surgery, the stapling procedure was first introduced in the late 1990s and is inching its way to the top or, uhm, bottom in popularity among those facing surgery. Not only is the procedure less painful, but recovery time is reduced as well.

But (or is that butt?) there is a hitch in the proverbial get-a-long. Subsequent studies have indicated the procedure, though certainly beneficial in the short term, may be less effective over the long haul. As reported in the most recent issue of the Cochrane Library, the publishing arm of an international research group, the stapling procedure is four times more likely to result in a recurrence of hemorrhoids than the standard surgical treatment.

For more details about the stapling procedure, watch this video of an actual surgery... On second thought, if you're faced with having to choose either of these procedures, you need a break. Jump in the car and head down to the hardware store - you'll find a bunch of like-minded guys already demonstrating, holding up signs that read, "Stop the Stapler!" Go ahead, join in - it will take your mind off of, well, you know...


Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...


You are the king of puns. You're too funny! Every time I read one of your articles you give me some strange mental image of something new and bizarre.

But I think I'd stick to Prepartion H if I had this problem. Better yet, load up on the fruits and veggies and leave the staples for your neighborhood handyman and not your doctor. BIG ouch!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Beginnings, Middle and Ends said...

How... interesting... I don't think the whole staple thing has caught on in Australia yet.

Tim, I like your image with each article, particularly this one. ;^)

cheers - TrishA

11:48 PM  
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