Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flu Shot Foibles

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We're Coming,

We're Coming!!

Shouts of glee were heard in nurseries nationwide upon receiving news of a delay in this year's flu shots for children under three.

Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of FluZone, the injectable flu vaccine for children, announced much of this year's supply would be delayed by three weeks. The delay is due to the difficulty Sanofi is having in fine-tuning the vaccine to treat this year's newest strains of influenza. Each year the flu virus mutates and vaccine manufacturers are forced to adapt existing vaccines to address the latest mutations.

CDC officials indicate that, while the greatest benefit is derived from early inoculation, the vaccine will arrive in time to treat children prior to the height of the flu season. Though moms may already be casting a wary eye toward sniffling children, the most active months are December through March.

Tom E. Toddler, infant spokesperson, said his coalition supports the delay and will protest any attempt to speed up the delivery process. After conferring with colleagues, through a rather confusing series of grunts and chortles, Toddler had this to say of the rumors that delivery times may be shortened: "We intend to get their bottom before they get to ours."

For more about flu shots, see this children oriented discussion at KidsHealth.


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