Monday, February 19, 2007

Do Vasectomies Mess With Your Mind?

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Montana - 2022

"Jimmy, get your heinie in here. Foods getting cold."

Why wouldn't it? It's 27 degrees below zero and the winds ripping out of the north without remorse. Who knew this is what "getting back to nature" was going to be all about? But, you really didn't have much choice. City life was tearing you up. Noisy and crowded, people pushing and shoving - and the cost! Year by year you fell further behind and that little apartment was bursting. Nope, this was the place to be. Wide open spaces, fresh air, plenty of room for you and the kids.

You close the door behind Jimmy and watch as he joins your brood at the table. He slides in next to Jenna and Jessie, across from Pete and James, Julie and Crystal, down from Johnny, Freddie, Sam, Lucy and Sarah, catty-corner from Arthur, Oscar, Sandy, Michelle, Lulu and... Hmm, probably a neighbor, but who's to say?

Yes, it seems like a big group, but, again, you really had no choice. After the news hit that vasectomies may cause dementia you had to make a choice. Or, in your case, more like 15 or so choices...

Do vasectomies really cause dementia? Well...

Researchers at Northwestern University believe they may. Their recent findings indicate a correlation between vasectomies and the early onset of Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). PPA is a neurological condition that impacts a person's ability to recall and understand words. It's a complex disease in which other, even more complex, abilities may remain intact while language capabilities deteriorate.

The group surveyed 104 men, 47 of whom had PPA. Of the non-impaired men, those without PPA, 16 percent had undergone a vasectomy. Of those with PPA, 40 percent had received a vasectomy. That's a significant discrepancy and researchers are keen to understand this correlation more fully.

Additional forms of dementia may also be associated with vasectomies. A survey of a smaller group of men revealed a potential link to frontotemporal dementia (FTD). The onset of FTD is characterized by personality changes and a lack of judgment that often results in bizarre behavior.

On the positive side, the group found no association to the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

The howling wind rattles your windows as you pull up a chair at the head of the table and take in your many, many blessings. With shouts of, "Pass the potatoes!" and "That's my drumstick!" echoing about the room, you gaze out the window at the frozen tundra and let your mind wander. What might life be like, you wonder, with just a touch of dementia?

To read more about the study, see this from Biology News Net.


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