Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blood Test Diagnoses Panic Disorder - Yikes!

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It's Been

23 Minutes!!

Come on, come on! It's been at least 23 minutes now and they said the blood work would be back in about 20 minutes. Well, you don't know where they grew up, but where you come from you passed the "about" stage the minute after the clock rang in minute 23. No ifs ands or buts about it. And...

The walls are starting to feel awfully close in here. It wouldn't hurt to turn down the thermostat a touch either - I mean really! Is a comfortable 62 degrees too much to ask for? Of course not. And, what's with that guy over there anyway? Does he have to stare? If he's so dang interested in your life why doesn't he just stand up, mosey on over and let you tell him to mind his own business face to face?

Gee whiz - this waiting on blood work to find out if you have a panic disorder is way more stressful than you expected. Maybe you should just cancel the whole idea - it's obvious there's really nothing to be concerned with in the first place...

Will blood tests soon be able to diagnose panic disorders? Well, the "soon" may be pushing it, but the diagnostic capability seems to be coming into focus.

Researchers at the University of Iowa in Iowa City recently reported a genetic distinction in those with panic disorders. They studied 33 individuals to determine if a definitive test could be devised to diagnose panic disorders. The results revealed a difference in genetic activity between those individuals with panic disorders and those without.

The scientists are developing a blood test for commercial use that will help diagnose panic disorders.

...Ah. The results are back. It's just as you thought - no panic disorder was detected. You crumple the paper and toss it toward the guy who's been staring at you, let out a loud scream and sprint toward the door. Apparently the blood test is not yet 100% accurate...

To read more about panic disorders, see this from the National Institute of Mental Health.


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