Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Have 10 Minutes to Spare? Even Minimal Exercise Improves Health

tidbits that tantalizeI Should've Picked Pie...

OK- It's a tough choice. You just chiseled out a spare 10 minutes from your hectic life and you want to use it wisely. So...

You saunter over to the fridge and pop open the freezer door. Hmm... With the microwave, you could have that cherry pie defrosted and, if you kicked it up a bit, even a little on the steamy side. Then, that Premium Double Rich Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream would melt right over the edges and wow! Your mouth begins to water at the thought. Or...

You could take a quick little jaunt outside, cruise on down the block, and get a little fresh air and sunshine...

It is a tough choice, but...

If health is uppermost in your mind, you'll opt for the walk.

Researchers at Louisiana State University report that even as little as 10 minutes of exercise per day helps improve the health of overweight women. They followed over 400 women, with an average age of 57, with high or borderline high blood pressure. The women were divided into four groups, and assigned weekly exercise amounts of none, 75 minutes, 135 minutes and 190 minutes.

At the end of six months, the women who exercised showed improved oxygen intake during exercise and their waists were smaller.

So, when life is hectic and the choice is pie or pavement - hit the pavement. The pie will keep.

To read more about the study, see this from Reuters. To read more about health and diet, see this from WebMD.


Blogger sylvia c. said...

"Hit the pavement. The pie will keep."

Well, if that's not the quote of the century.

What about us younger gals?

Oh, heck... I know, we have to exercise, too.

Have a great day!


Sylvia C.

6:04 PM  

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