Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Cereal Makers are Way Too Generous

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Way Too Generous...

Generosity is wonderful thing. We drill it into our kids from an early age. Share this, share that, don’t be selfish… But, there are some who have simply taken the act of generosity to an absurdly obscene level.

Consider the cereal manufacturers.

While everyone knows that just a touch of sweetness will do, the cereal makers insist on going above and beyond. Way above and way beyond. Consumer Reports recently completed a study of many of the top cereal brands in the United States. What did they find?

Sugar – lots and lots of sugar.

As a matter of fact, they found that some cereals contain more than 50 percent sugar. Fifty percent! The group also found some cereals are actually packed with more sugar when they’re sold in the United States than when they’re shipped to overseas markets.

Among the biggest offenders were Post Golden Crisp, made by Kraft Foods Inc., and Kellogg's Honey Smacks. Each contained more than 50 percent sugar by weight. Other top brands contained over 40 percent sugar.

Which was the healthiest cereal? Cheerios, made by General Mills, had just one gram of sugar per serving.

A spokeswoman for Kellogg said the company had recently “reformulated” a number of their products to improve their nutritional content – she then mentioned something about a corporate bridge they were offering for sale…

To read more about the report, see this from Reuters. To learn more about helping your child eat a healthy diet, see this from KidsHealth.


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