Monday, April 27, 2009

Are Boiled Vegetables Less Healthy?

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OK -- so you're doing everything you've been told. You're getting regular exercise, sometimes even exercise that’s rather vigorous in nature. Of course, at other times, you fall into the old exercise routine of simply raising fork to mouth. But, the good news is that even in the process of raising your fork to your mouth you can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall health.

Especially if you consume large quantities of vegetables.

But, even the vegetable-eating process is plagued with peril.

New research out of Spain indicates that simply choosing the right method of cooking your vegetables makes all the difference. The researchers found, surprisingly, that boiling your vegetables -- long thought to be a healthy method -- is in fact one of the least healthy means of preparing vegetables. And, in another surprise, microwaving is actually not all bad.

The researchers discovered that griddling (cooking the vegetables on a flat metal pan without oil) and microwaving are the two healthiest methods of preparation. There were also some vegetables that seemed resistant to damage -- green beans, celery and carrots.

The key the researchers looked for was the level of antioxidants found in the vegetables after they were prepared. Antioxidants are highly beneficial, closely associated with the prevention of cancer and other diseases.

So, the next time you fall into the exercise trap of fork-to-mouth repetitions, at least make sure your fork is filled with a healthy payload.

To read more about this study, see this from ScienceDaily. To learn more about eating natural, whole foods, see this from the World's Healthiest Foods.


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