Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fire Alarms: No Match For Mom

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"Listen to your mother," the oft used threat of nurturers nationwide, may in fact be a directive that is hardwired into children's brains.

To test children's response to fire alarms, researchers in Ohio staged a battle of unbeaten household icons. In the white trunks, or sometimes a shade of beige, is Smoke Detector. Weighing in at under a pound, Smoke Detector is dependable, lightning fast and throws ear-splitting blares with the best. In the heather hiking shorts with light gray accents, weighing in at "Don't even ask," is Mom. Fiercely protective and stunningly brave, she's been defending children since the caveme, uhm, cavewom... the cave-people days.

At the final bell... It's Mom in a knockout!

Researchers found sleeping children respond both more often and more quickly to their mother's voice than to a smoke alarm. The smoke alarms and the mom's voice were broadcast at 100 decibels, about four times louder than the typical smoke alarm, to 24 children. All but one of the children, 23 of the 24, awoke to their mother's voice, while only 14 awoke to the smoke alarm. The 24th child apparently had no interest in the study and awoke to neither.

It is believed the study was originally devised when a researcher's mother directed him to prove people are happier and healthier when they listen to their mother.

...Here's to you, mom.

To read more, see the CNN article: Study: Kids who slept through...


Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...


Great post. Clear and to the point.

I got it this time.

Of course, I nudge/shove/nag you so much, you'd probably wake up at the sound of MY voice instead of a fire alarm. And I'm not even YOUR mother. :)


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