Sunday, October 08, 2006

Healthology Portal: Mega Resource

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Chew On This!

Cue film noir music. Begin voice over...

"Heels blazing, you speed toward a meeting with a five-cent stick of chewing gum.No time to dawdle or dillydally - there's serious chewing to be done before the sun falls behind those beat up buildings that look as bleak as your soul. You careen around the corner and, wham! You're smacked upside the head by a sight so gorgeous you almost forget how sore your eyes have been - and for how long. Fine linen and all the trimmings. Your head spins and it's all confusion and jumbles for a minute but, then it hits you.Who needs a five-cent stick of gum when there's a five-course meal that's got your name written all over it?"

While possibly less "noirish," you're likely to have similar feelings of good fortune when first stumbling upon the Healthology website. The site contains articles and videos on a wide range of health topics presented by topnotch medical practitioners. The content is free to the public and includes links to additional resources on multiple health issues. You may browse content by general categories, such as Men's or Women's health, or explore by greater detail in the alphabetical directory of diseases and conditions.

Started in 1997, by two New York physicians, Healthology adopted the following guiding principle: "Only through the direct involvement of experienced health professionals can consumers feel confident they are receiving current, trustworthy health information." The assessment from 2006? A job well done.

Now, sit back, relax and click onto the Healthology site. Oh, and pull out that cinnamon flavored five-center you've been saving for a special occasion. Give it a good chew - you may be a while.

Visit the Healthology Information Library at: Healthology


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