Friday, June 15, 2007

Avoid Hospitals When Traveling to Europe

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Ah, summer is here and that can mean only one thing: Baseball games, hot dogs and beer, swimming pools, and vacations.

...OK. So, that's a few more than "one thing," but let's face it - summertime is great fun and the perfect time for exuberance to be set free. It's also a wonderful time to explore the universe beyond the bounds of the work-a-day world. Where's everyone going this year? Hmm...

Europe is often the destination of choice for American travelers, and rightfully so. There's beer to be drunk in Germany, pizza to be savored in Italy, croissants to be buttered in France, and streusel to be nibbled in Austria. Yes - the sights are rumored to be quite tempting as well.


Please stay healthy when traveling in Europe this summer. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reports that hospitals are not necessarily healthy. In fact, it reports a full 10% of patients admitting to European hospitals acquire a new infection during their stay. The result is over 3 million infections each year - and 50,000 deaths.

The infections, known as Nosocomial infections, are both common and problematic throughout the world. The threat is becoming more difficult to manage, due in part to the widespread use of antibiotics, a practice that promotes the development of treatment resistant strains of bacteria.

So, enjoy the pizza and beer, the streusel and whatever else catches your eye - just don't come home with anything they're giving away willy-nilly at the local hospital.

To read more about the study, see this from Reuters. To read more about staying healthy while traveling abroad, see this from the Mayo Clinic.


Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hey, Tim,

You've been tagged!


7:32 AM  
Blogger sylvia c. said...

"Willy nilly?"

That's too silly.

Hey-- scary stats here.

I'm fortunate that I've never had to visit a hospital during my stays in Germany.


Sylvia C.

11:52 AM  

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