Monday, May 25, 2009

A Brave New Idea Runs Afoul of Regulators

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It Utterly Defies All Logic...

...of course it defies logic. This is, after all, the medical community with which we're dealing. Or, to not cast too wide a net, this is the Insurance Industry with which we're dealing. So...

When a New York physician introduced an ingenious plan to cover the uninsured, the state insurance commission objected. According to the commission, they are only enforcing rules that serve to protect the patients.
From what are they being protected? Well, in this case, from receiving unlimited physician visits and on-site medical care (which includes lab and gynecology services) for a flat fee of $79 per month. How dare these dastardly physicians!
It's really quite a unique arrangement and, especially in this political climate, one that merits a closer look.
To read more about the innovative program, see this from Reuters. To learn more about the stunning expense ($2.4 trillion in 2007) of health care in America, see this from the National Coalition on Health Care.


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