Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Pyramid Re-invented

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Come On - Take a Look...

Let’s review.

First, we eat because...

Yeah, that’s exactly where the first complications begin to set in. We eat for a great variety of reasons, including energy, nutrition, health and enjoyment. Which of these we (should) emphasize is often a point of contention and, the research continues to show, at the core of many of our health problems.

But, there’s help, right? You bet. There’s the ever-famous Food Pyramid to guide us. A totally unbiased, scientifically based set of dietary guidelines that will lead us down the path of svelteness, beauty and length of days.

Or maybe not.

It appears the Food Pyramid is as susceptible to lobbying pressures as the rest of the settled regions of the world. So, scientists at Harvard took it upon themselves to create a Food Pyramid devoid of lobbyists influence, relying on good old-fashioned science and common sense. What a great idea.

The link below will take you to the new Food Pyramid and explain the process they followed in devising it.

It’s worth your time. And, yes – it’s good for you.



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