Friday, January 01, 2010

Eat Your Way to Health

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It Will Make You Smile - on the Inside...

Food is, well, quite remarkable. It satisfies the deepest yearnings of our hearts in some mystical fashion, sweeping away pain and anguish, leaving us with a sense of fullness, both spiritual and physical, that transcends the basic nature of the mere morsels we consume...
OK, so I'm getting a bit carried away in this new year, but - food is quite remarkable. It's also powerful, and can be a force for good (think fruits & veggies) or evil (think all those wonderful treats that ratchet up your guilt level with each scrumptious bite).
The link was provided by Adrienne Carlson and the article discusses 25 foods that help fight disease - and, if you're brave enough to have a go at it, you'll find the foods are also quite tasty.
Thanks, Adrienne.
Have a great, and healthy, 2010.


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