Monday, July 06, 2009

Stunning New Cancer Treatment

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Yeah, I Feel Fabulous...

Are you smart enough to cure cancer? Well, you may be quite bright, but that’s still a pretty tall order. But...

If you’re smart enough to read the newspaper, you just might be smart enough to beat the Big C. Read on.

Researchers in Australia have developed a “trojan horse” therapy that has shown remarkable success in the lab. Over the past two years, these brilliant scientists have saved 100 per cent of the mice infected with human cancer cells.

And the treatment is specifically targeted at the cancer cells, leaving healthy tissue undisturbed. The two-step therapy involves using mini-cells to first turn off the cancers cell’s resistance to chemotherapy, and then delivering the cancer fighting treatment directly to the cancer cells. It’s very much what the cancer cells have been doing all along, but in reverse – beating them at their own game.

Human clinical trials should begin in the near future.


To read more about the research, see this from Reuters. To learn more about cancer, including research and clinical trials, see this from the National Cancer Institute.


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