Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Celiac Disease Blog

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New Gluten Free Blog

I have two reasons to be excited about the launch of a new blog dedicated to exploring the science behind celiac disease. The first is because I've recently discovered I have an issue with gluten - I just can't stand it. But, more significantly, my body pays a big price when I pummel it with processed gluten-laden foods.
So, no gluten for me.
The second reason I'm excited about this new blog is because it's being put together by my brother Matt. He's a bit odd, which I guess is the reason he and I hit it off so well. He's also the guy who turned me on to this whole gluten issue in the first place. So, yeah, I owe him big time.
Anyway, this is really quite cool. There's a permanent link to his site on the right, but you can also jump to it here:
Can't wait to see how it progresses.
I guess all that leaves is, "Thanks, brother. And lots of luck."


Blogger Sonia Gluten Free said...

Dear friend.
Thanks for this new blog about celiac disease.
I have a granddaughter celiac seven years since his diagnosis at fourteen months, I spend much of my time to spreading the disease.

I make recipes, that there is much in the network and very good, what I do and there's very little of this is to spread the disease, write to politicians asking them celiac laws, write to the food industry, talk to associations celiac and especially to convince those concerned that they have rights that are not met!

We need medical protocols, ragged and accurate diagnoses, gluten-free menus in schools, universities, workplaces ...
The celiac has no borders, no race or nationality, should be international ladifusion, politicians must engage with this disease and include in their priority agenda.
I am delighted with your blog!

This is mine, written in English and epspaƱol.
An affectionate
sonia gluten free

9:54 AM  
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