Monday, June 22, 2009

The Cost of Health Care

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Take a deep Breath - and Reach for Your Wallet...

The debate is in high gear and, with this much at stake, it's appropriate. The cost of doing business as usual in the health care arena is unsustainable. But, the cost of revamping our entire system is also phenomenal.

What to do?

The article link below is an excellent starting point. This article, written by physician Atul Gawande, addresses the culture of profit that drives medical costs through the roof. But, he also points to stellar examples, including Mayo Clinic and an organization in Colorado, that provide some of the nation's best health care at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Cleveland Clinic has also shown it's possible to provide superior care without breaking the bank. Interestingly, their physicians, like those at Mayo, are on salary - they receive the same paycheck each month regardless of how may tests they order or procedures they complete. It sounds like quite the rational alternative to the obscene fee driven system that encourages doctors to perform more tests, more procedures, more often.

So, take a look at the article below. You'll be in good company - even the president has spoken of it highly.

See Gawande's article here, in The New Yorker.


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